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Stirling Portrait Photography – How to look good in photographs

For some people, myself included, having your photograph taken is a painful experience.

You’ve seen all those photo’s your aunty has taken of you over the years and you look awful in ALL of them! You never seem to be pulling the right face, you hair is always a mess even though you only brushed is seconds before, and no matter how much you try, your ‘best side’ always seems to be the one facing the other way.

Well, Christmas is rolling around again and if you are determined that this years photographs will not leave you cringing and running for the plastic surgeons number, then here are a few tips for shining in front of the camera:

1. Perfect that PoseLifestyle Portrait Photograph

  • When you see that some one is pointing their camera at you don’t freeze or pull a silly face, comedy isn’t going to make you look better, just silly.
  • Turn so that your body is at a slight angle to the camera and tilt your chin slightly, up if your a man, or down if your a woman.
  • Elongate your neck by raising your head and sticking your chin out just a little.
  • Make sure that the camera is above you, not below, and lean towards it slightly.
  • Most importantly, do not slouch!

2. Smile Please!

This is a terrible ‘request’ that all too many photographers (both amateur and pro) shout before clicking the shutter. A forced smile is usually pretty awful so avoid at all costs!

  • Try to laugh and smile naturally. Keep your tongue behind your upper teeth (yes,  obvious really but you wouldn’t believe how many tongues creep out when under pressure!) A gently smile usually a winner.
  • Look just above the camera to make sure your eyes are open just that little bit more.
  • Ideally look away from the camera. Candid shots are more interesting than the traditional forced smile. This will help to ensure that you don’t succumb to the evil red-eye look.

3. Dress for Success

Clothes can be very distracting in an image and can make or break your ‘look’.

  • Make sure that you are wearing a colour that suits you and avoid mad patterns or stripes.
  • Fitted clothes are best as baggy outfits can add pounds to the image.


I hope these tips help, now go out and enjoy being photographed! It’s fun and you will look great!


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