Ramshackled Ruins!


There’s nothing like an abandoned building to get my lust for quirky images going. I’d seen a photograph of this strange wee building whilst researching for a trip and from then on it was my main focal point; I just HAD to photograph it! I mean, how often do you see a tiny wee ‘house’ sitting on a rock barely big enough for it, that is no longer attached to the cliff edge, on a golden sandy beach? Exactly!

It turns out it wasn’t a house, never had been, it was the changing room for beach users. It’s a bit past its sell-by date now, with a distinct lack of privacy, but it still has guests – those, like me, who are overly curious and nosey!

The light was a bit dull by the time we found it as the clouds were rolling in, but to me that added just the right level of dismay to the image.


wee house on a rock in the sea




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